Dollie Barnes

Matt Mejia

The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe (Galveston)

Friday 10 7 16

So proud of EL LAGO and what they’re doing to greatly enhance the Galveston music scene. I’m a big fan of Dollie Barnes and it was a real treat to have them down our way. Always good to see Matt Mejia/Los Dientes. Enjoy their set every time I see it. Oh, and not to mention The Old Quarter is my favorite fucking spot man. I feel right at home there and can’t think of another venue that I’ve spent more time at. The staff is so sweet and that bar tender guy was just on it! The crowd was awesome. It was jammed packed but everybody was super friendly and nothing but smiles in that room. Big shout out to EL LAGO’s project Wake The Zine for making all this happen and Live Visuals for the sound. Ya’ll are just handing out the fun in bundles. Thanks a bunch everybody!