I had the great privilege of seeing Microcosms live at Chicago’s Burlington Bar. It just so worked out that I would be in Chicago on vacation that night. I still owe the universe a beer over that one. Coincidentally they had emailed me just a few days before about their new video Omnipotence and their new EP that just dropped, Fairytale. Which you gotta check out – I’ll post the links below. What a night that was too, hanging with Microcosms afterwards, all the bands were awesome, very fun night! I didn’t join them on the traditional shot they always do when at Burlington. They said it was made locally and tasted like grapefruit and pine trees or something like that. I opted for a whiskey but later in hindsight regretted I didn’t take part in tradition. However after they took that shot the expressions on their faces did look like it was absolutely awful. Anyways, I won’t lie, they are one of my favorite bands to listen to right now. When people have asked me what I’m listening to these days without hesitation I say, Microcosms from Chicago. As a matter of fact – every Friday night while I’m in the kitchen preppin bbq I always put on the video for Know My Body / Silent Luxuries on the ole kitchen computer. That’s how I start off a good Friday right there! And I couldn’t wait til they got some more tunes out to listen to. So check out the EP that just came out, Fairytale. Great lyrics and a what a unique and rockin band. I’ve been tellin everybody!