Matt Mejia

The White Moth Project

The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe

Galveston Texas

Saturday 5 21 16

Matt and Victor opening up for The White Moth Project, did an awesome job by the way. I love that first song – great way to open up the set. But they were all really good. The sound was superb and the video turned out very well – if I do say so myself. Check it out yo:


The White Moth Project’s second gig. I know that because I am the singer. The first time I reviewed our band – from the first gig – I did not reveal that fact. I just reviewed us as if I was a third party, outside the band. One of the best reviews I wrote in fact. Pretty sad. Anyways we had a bunch of complaints as a band. I thought my vocals were a bit loud. But that’s a first. Usually they are low and muffled. But still, it was a ton of fun. Can’t wait to book the next. Anyhoo I’ll shut-up, just watch the show: