Third Week of December 2018

The Dip – Video Premiere via Relix, She Gave Me The Keys

Deep Sea Diver – Cover of Wham’s, Last Christmas


First Week of December 2018

Telekinesis – Lyric Video Premiere via American Songwriter, Set a Course

The Dip – Holiday Track Release, Santa’s Got A Sweet Tooth


Last Week of November 2018

Wild Powwers – Video for Well, Shit by Austin Bedell


Third Week of November 2018

The Dip – Single Drop, She Gave Me The Keys


Second Week of November 2018

The Dip – Our Vinyl TV, Sure Don’t Miss You


Last Week of October 2018

The Dip – Q & A with Los Angeles Patch


Fourth Week of October 2018

Thunderpussy – ACL Pop Up Session Live on KUTX

The Grizzled Mighty – Band In Seattle

Sisters – Video Premiere via KEXP, Heart Beats


Third Week of October 2018

Wild Powwers – Album Drop, Skin

Thunderpussy – Q & A with Ones to Watch


Second Week of October 2018

Wild Powwers – Track Premiere via Punk Rock Theory, May I Have This Dance

Wild Powwers – Track Premiere via Guerrilla Candy, Well Shit

The Dip – Track Premiere via Glide Mag, Slow Sipper



First Week of October 2018

Wild Powwers – Video Premiere via KEXP, Skin

Tomten – Album Premiere via KEXP, Viva Draconia 

Haymaker – Live From the Anchor Pub

Black Whales – Fan Video by Casey Chamberlain, No Sign Of Life

Night Beats – Track Premiere via Hero Mag, Her Cold Cold Heart

Hobosexual – Live at Timbrrr 2018


Second Week of September 2018

Deep Sea Diver – Universal Audio Commercial Appearance

Hobosexual – Live at Slims Last Chance


First Week of September 2018

Tomten – Single Premiere via Atwood Mag, New Leaf

The Fame Riot – Now Read This with Shazam Watkins


Fourth Week of August 2018

Thunderpussy – Live From London’s The Black Heart

The Fame Riot – Now Read This, Book Review by Shazam Watkins, Episode 2


Third Week of August 2018

Wild Powwers – Single Release, Buff Stuff

Tomten – Single Premiere via GHETTOBLASTER, Blue Movie


First Week of August 2018

Thunderpussy – Loudwire Interview (The Fight to Trademark Their Name)

Thunderpussy – The Airport Fiasco via Loudwire

The Staxx Brothers – Davin Michael Stedman, Free Your Mind


Fourth Week of July 2018

The Grizzled Mighty – Live at Portland’s Doug Fir, Make Your Bones

Sisters – Q & A with Hear Our City Mag


Third Week of July 2018

Wild Powwers – Interview with Ballard VOX

La Luz – Live on KEXP

Thunderpussy – Leah Julius Talks Gear with Digital Tour Bus

Sisters – Live on Sofar Germany, Scene Here


Second Week of July 2018

Tomten – Live with Shenandoah Davis via City Arts Mag, Blue Movie

Ayron Jones – July Fourth Jimi Style

Davin Stedman – July Fourth Sneak Peak, Rum Kings


First Week of July 2018

Thunderpussy – Whitney Petty Interview with KEXP


Last Week of June 2018

Sundodger – Q & A with Skope Mag


Third Week of June 2018

Thunderpussy – Live on NYC’s WFUV Public Radio


Last Week of May 2018

Ayron Jones – Live from Kauai

Vibragun – Live at The Lofi 5 26 18, You Missed Out (Unreleased)


Fourth Week of May 2018

La Luz – Interview with Bandcamp

Thunderpussy – Live Paste / Daytrotter at the Manhattan Center


Third Week of May 2018

La Luz – Video Premiere via Brooklyn Vegan, Mean Dream


Second Week of May 2018

La Luz – Interview & AMA with She Shreds

La Luz – Live Vinyl Stream, Floating Features 

Thunderpussy – Video Premiere via Billboard, Badlands

Davin Michael Stedman & Anthony Red Rose, Feat: Sly & Robbie, Free Your Mind


Third Week of April 2018

Thunderpussy – Interview with Rock Your Lyrics

Sundodger – Track Release, Like Me


Second Week of April 2018

Wild Powwers – Single & B-Side Release, Wheeze / Hugs and Kisses and Other Things

Thunderpussy – Track Premiere via Loudwire, Thunderpussy


Last Week of March 2018

Thunderpussy – 2 Hours With Matt Pinfield Podcast


Third Week of March 2018

Hobosexual – Full Performance Live on KEXP


First Week of March 2018

La Luz – Track Release via Bust, California Finally


First Week of February 2018

Dirty Dirty – Band in Seattle, Full Episode 


Last Week of January 2018

Thunderpussy – Live at Neumos via Billboard, Velvet Noose


First Week of January 2018

Lemolo – Live at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Walking in the Air

Mom’s Rocket – Track Release, Anna


Fourth Week of December 2017

Lemolo – Live at St. Mark’s Cathedral, We Felt the Fall

Klover Jane – KISW Live Day 2017 (360 Video), Living To Ride

Klover Jane – KISW Live Day 2017 (360 Video), Mama I’m Coming Home


Third Week of December 2017

Lemolo – Live at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Fuel


Second Week of December 2017

Lemolo – Live at St. Mark’s Cathedral, White Flag

Lazer Kitty – Lazer Kitty 2010 – 2017 🙁

Gibraltar – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


First Week of December 2017

Lemolo – Live at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Knives

Gibraltar – Single Release, Viper In A Vacuum

The Hollers – Single Premiere via No Depression, Something Real


Last Week of November 2017

Thunderpussy – Video Drop via Refinery 29, Speed Queen

Sisters – Video Premiere via Bands In Town Big Break, Scene Here

Sisters – Live on TIDE Radio Hamburg


Second Week of November 2017

Thunderpussy – Interview with Seattle Times

Thunderpussy – Single Premiere via Republic, Speed Queen


Third Week of October 2017

Lemolo – A Dear Creek Session, Rogue Wave

Sisters – See Sisters in Sisters OR, And Album Drop, Wait Don’t Wait


Second Week of October 2017

Hobosexual – Track Premiere via Metal Injection, Trans Am Sunday

The Fame Riot – Gear Masters, Episode 151 via Digital Tour Bus


First Week of October 2017

My Goodness – Live on KEXP

The Staxx Brothers – Tribute Song to Tom Petty, Good Medicine


Last Week of September 2017


The Grizzled Mighty – Video Premiere, Set A Light


Third Week of September 2017

Hobosexual – Track Premiere via Metal Sucks, Monsterbater

Dirty Dirty – EP Release, Deadline


First Week of September 2017

Tomten – Toonten at it Again

Ayron Jones & The Way – Album Drop, Audio Paint Job

Thunderpussy – We Color Live, Velvet Noose


Tangerine – Track Release, Sly Moon

Gibraltar – Band In Seattle – Full Episode


Fourth Week of August 2017

Sisters – Single Premiere via Northern Transmissions, Let Me Go

Gibraltar – Band In Seattle Performance on CW11 Seattle KSTW – 8 26 17 11PM PST


Third Week of August 2017

Charms – Live on KEXP 


First Week of August 2017

Deep Sea Diver – Jessica Dobson / She Shreds Mag, Learn to Play, Always Waiting

Sisters – Song Premiere via Culture Collide, Heart Beats

Dirty Dirty – Live from the High Dive 6 3 17, Thieves In My Head


Last Week of July 2017

Lemolo – Video Premiere via KEXP, Casting Call


Second Week of July 2017

Tomten – Album Drop, Cremation Songs

Charms – Album Drop, Human Error

Dirty Dirty – Podcast Interview with Word On the Street


First Week of July 2017

Sundodger – Live at Substation, Like Me

Sundodger – Live at Substation, Too Much Too Soon


Last Week of June 2017

My Goodness – Band In Seattle, Elevators

Ayron Jones & The Way – Seattle Times Interview/Article


Second Week of June 2017

Tomten – Single Release via Glide Mag, Weissnichtwo

Tomten – Single Release via Megnet Mag, Cloud Man Calling

Charms – Stream New Album via KEXP, Human Error

Charms – Interview with The Stranger

Hobosexual – Stream & Download Brand New Track, Monolith

Crystal Desert – Announces the Band’s End, Welcomes Downloading of All Their Music

Sundodger – Live Video from Substation 5 25 17 via John Sanders, Do No Harm


First Week of June 2017

My Goodness – Music Video Premiere via Pancakes & Whiskey, Islands

My Goodness – New Album Scavengers, Streaming via Noisey

Lemolo – Interview with The Partae

Ayron Jones & The Way – Album Release Stream via, Audio Paint Job

Charms – Interview with What’s Up Mag


Last Week of May / First Week of June

Tomten – Live at KEXP Saturday 6 3 17 – 6:30 PM Pacific

CHARMS – Interview with Culture Mag

CHARMS – Video Premiere via Northwest Music Scene, Sirens

The Grizzled Mighty – Interview with The Partae

Dirty Dirty – In the Studio KISW 99.9 at 10 PM Pacific


Fourth Week of May 2017

Dirty Dirty – EP Premiere via Rebel Noise, Deadline


Third Week of May 2017

My Goodness – Song Premiere via Impose, Elevators

Tomten – Track Premiere via Atwood Magazine, Limbo’s Daughter

Thunderpussy – New Track Featuring Mike McCready via Rolling Stone, Velvet Noose

Sisters – Daytrotter Sessions via Paste Magazine

Crystal Desert – Chartreuse Muffin Studio, Recording Candy Project, Nightmare