Sara Van Buskirk

Chris Lively & The Pines

Matt Mejia

The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe

Saturday 4 16 16 – Galveston Texas

It was really good to see these Houston musicians playing in Galveston. A real treat that doesn’t happen very often. What a line up too. Afterwards I asked several people what they thought about Sara Van Buskirk. Everyone responded with, “Man that gal was amazing!” And she sure was. The next morning I got up and drove up and down the seawall. I listened to her entire album, The Place Where You Are. That was one fine way to start a day.


Chris Lively & The Pines did an outstanding job. I wish I could have filmed their whole show but I was running low on batteries. Hope to see them again at the O.Q. – And up in Houston as well. Matt Mejia really did a great job at finding some of Houston’s finest to bring down here to play:


Matt Mejia & Friends & Family. Brought the whole damn band with em. And it was great. So glad I attended this one. My favorite band member would have to be Mel when she told that chick that would not shut the fuck up to zip it! Right then in there I was like, Mel is the best member in this band, no shit. I could bitch on and on about that loose lips fucking chick –  but – I’ll leave it at that. The show was great, really was. Sounded superb and I just had a hell of a good time. I’d really like to see more shows like this one here in town.